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We now offer in house flex pay for our bundles

Flex Pay Payment Plan

We know that paying for Hair Extension Installation Services plus the price for Virgin Human Hair can become a bit pricey. So, we decided to make it easy to acheive getting what you deserve and work hard and long for. We offer our Flex Pay Payment Plan for our Hair Extension clients for Installation Services and/or Human Hair Purchase of our Mink Virgin Hair Line. 


Get your Hair Extensions today with our 3 month Interest Free Payment Plan 

Start your journey here on purchasing your quality hair bundles

1.  Pick the Hair Extension Service and/or Human Hair Extensions you wish to put on our Flex Pay Payment Plan

2.   Complete our online flex pay form

     * Weekly Payments

     * Bi-Weekly Payments

     * 3 Monthly Payments Our 90- day Flex Pay plan is straightforward.  

We require 30% down (this payment goes toward your hair and install), plus a $10 processing fee. You can pay off your balance with our simple automated payment plan.  (Example $500.00 x .30). The total down payment amount would $150.00 and the remaining balance is $350 in which weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring payments can be set. Download https://pdf.ac/8zrL7q , and complete our Flex Pay Payment Authorization Form and email it to minkhaircollection@mail.com.

Please note that all payments must be completed before your Human Hair Purchase is delivered and/or your Hair Extension Installation Appointment can be booked. The Full Payment is due 48 hours before installation in the form of cash, or debit/credit card prior to service being rendered. For additional questions please call our receptionist at 281-545-3627 or send an email to mhbreceptionist@mail.com